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Selection & Designing of HVAC

The whole works in 3 stages, from understanding the clients requirements to understanding the Surrounding of the area where System is to be installed and designing the most optimised outcome


Collecting Design Data

We collect all the design Data and we process it, with the teams of expert we brainstorm all the different prospects of design.


Designing the HVAC System

With the team, we design the process and the complete layout of the area which can work as Virtual pilot project


Selection of the system

After all the process and design working is fine, we finally conclude our product suggestion based on your requirements.

Our Expertised Services


This team comprises of trained designs built engineers who understands the need of clients and their requirements. Post collection of area/equipment data the load is worked out and best suit to site scheme is proposed.


After Getting approval of proposed design from Client/ Architects/ PMC, Site Engineer & Supervisors are deputed and this team executes the job with Quality Installation & Safety protocols.


We have dedicated commissioning team who coordinates with site engineer & commissions the system. They check that all Parameters [Temperature/CFM/RH] matches the values as per design and trains the maintenance team of client for operating the System perfectly.


In post warranty to run your system effectively and efficiently, it has to be serviced periodically. All comes under Annual Maintenance Contract. A separate dedicated team of Service engineers/Skilled technicians handles this division.

Commercial Roofing

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Commercial Roofing

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